I'm very new to programming in python so I'd appreciate any tips or hints as to where I can look: So what I basically planned on creating is a new form of questionnaire, where the respondent can express approval or disapproval to a question by dragging it from the center of the window into any part of a colored ring that surrounds the question, using the mouse. The ring is supposed to have two color gradients from green to red, and I want to be able to make my program (pygame?) track the position in which the question-icon "touched" the surrounding ring. Also, it should be able to give out the next question, once the outside ring has been touched. To get started, I had a look at existing pygame-code that concerned maze-games, since I don't feel like I'm in the position to write the code on my own, just yet, but that didn't help me a lot. Now, does anybody have tips on where I can look next or get started with this? I'm just asking since at this point I'm unsure whether or not I should even use pygame and look into it, or if maybe some other route would be better. Thanks for reading and for any help, best regards.

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    You did not give much to help you with, I will only supply you some main subjects to research. Pygame drawing, Pygame mouse handling, Game designing grids (for maze), 2d collision checking (ex. rectange touches rectangle). As for what to use, if you prefer Python, Pygame will do the job for this project. – Rockybilly Jul 16 at 2:36
  • @Rockybilly Thanks for your advice, which was already of great help to me. I have just added a question that contains the first code I could come up with. – psyph Jul 16 at 17:28

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