I have a data source with 'datetime' that is plain text and am having issues converting it. When I attempt to convert it to various date formats and INSERT into a new table, I am getting errors.

data example:

"18-07-2015 11:50:30am"

source table structure:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Conv_COMMUNICATIONEXPORT]([datetime] [varchar](255) NULL) 

destination table structure:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[TB_X_Attachment]([CreatedDate] [datetime] NULL)

error inserting data:

Msg 242, Level 16, State 3, Line 4
The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value.

When I run the following select, the last convert returns an error:

SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), GETDATE(), 120) ,getdate()  ,CONVERT(DATE, CONVERT(VARCHAR(40), '01-01-2000'), 120)

When I run the following into the table, there is success:

INSERT INTO TB_X_Attachment (CreatedDate)
CONVERT(DATE, CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), '2000-01-01'), 120) AS WORKS 

None of the following conversion attempts works when trying to insert:

SELECT      ce.[datetime] AS VARCHAR_DATETIME,
CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), CE.[datetime], 120),
CONVERT(char(10), CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), CE.[datetime], 120),120),
CONVERT(VARCHAR(10),CONVERT(char(10), CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), CE.[datetime], 120),120),120),
CONVERT(VARCHAR,(CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), CE.[datetime], 120))) ,   
CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), CE.[datetime], 120)
            ON ae.[attachment record id] = ce.[communication id] 

See image below of the results of the above convert trys last column is format that will insert

I think if I can reverse the output to YYYY-MM-DD it may work. All the convert attempts dont want to set the format to this. How can I reverse the output to YYYY-MM-DD?

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    Welcome to the other half of the world! If you want to be able to process DMY dates then you probably need to use SET DATEFORMAT DMY first. That will probably be the easiest option, though when you have time components as well you will probably need some additional string manipulation to get that to work too.
    – TomC
    Jul 16 '19 at 6:18
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    use style 103 to perform the convert(datetime, '18-07-2015 11:50:30am', 103)
    – Squirrel
    Jul 16 '19 at 6:32
  • ...Or 105 - convert(datetime, '18-07-2015 11:50:30am', 105) Jul 16 '19 at 6:43

SQL Server is pretty smart when it comes to converting strings to dateTime values.
However, as smart as it is, string representations of date and time values are pretty tricky - that's why we have the ISO 8601 standard which is guaranteed to always be interpreted correctly by SQL Server when converting to datetime.

However, I understand that you don't have any control over the source data, and therefor must handle the format specified.

A quick look at the Date and Time Styles table in the documentation of the Convert function will give you the following formats:

Without             With                Standard            Input/Output (3)
century (yy) (1)    century (yyyy)  

3                   103                 British/French      3 = dd/mm/yy
                                                            103 = dd/mm/yyyy

4                   104                 German              4 = dd.mm.yy
                                                            104 = dd.mm.yyyy

5                   105                 Italian             5 = dd-mm-yy
                                                            105 = dd-mm-yyyy

Any one of the three options with century would give you a correct value of DateTime for the specified string:

DECLARE @DateString varchar(30) = '18-07-2015 1:5:3pm';

SELECT  @DateString As string, 
        CONVERT(DateTime2, @DateString, 103) As [103], 
        CONVERT(DateTime2, @DateString, 104) As [104], 
        CONVERT(DateTime2, @DateString, 104) As [105]


string                  103                     104                     105

18-07-2015 1:5:3pm      2015-07-18 13:05:03     2015-07-18 13:05:03     2015-07-18 13:05:03

Since the original string use hyphens as a separator, I would go with the Italian standard (105) because it's the closest to the source string format.


Try this:

select convert(datetime, [datetime], 105) 

where [datetime] is your varchar column which has the date to be converted

or simply

select convert(datetime, '18-07-2015 11:50:30pm', 105) 

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