I am currently experiencing a problem with the use of Keystore on Android with custom certificate type.

My current situation is as follows: I want to store certificates of a custom type in the Keystore. I have no problem handling such certificates when the Keystore is already initialized but when I try to load a .keystore file containing it, the system throws an exception and does not complete the initialization of the Keystore.

As part of a project I have to store certificates in a proprietary format. To do this, I had to implement a new class (that basically split a Byte Array in several fields) that extends the Java Certificate class for use with the Keystore. The problem is that they can only be used when the Keystore is already initialized.

Can this be a "Security Provider" issue?

Here is a preview of the custom certificate class:

public class KCert extends Certificate{
   public KCert(String base64ChainCert) {
       byte[] decodedBytes = Base64.decode(base64ChainCert);
       this.KCertType[0] = decodedBytes[0];
       this.KCertStructure[0] = decodedBytes[1];

   public byte[] getEncoded() throws CertificateEncodingException {
       byte[] encodedKCert = new byte[384];
       ByteBuffer buff = ByteBuffer.wrap(encodedKCert);
       return encodedKCert;

(I do not know if some Certificate methods must be implemented and functional in order for the compatibility with the Keystore to be valid)

Then, I can store and retrieve these new objects in the Keystore without problems when it is already initialized:

ksm.setCertificateEntry(alias, poCert);

And then:

KCert poCert2 = (KCert) ksm.getCertificate("POCERT");

or like this:

Certificate poCert2 = ksm.getCertificate("POCERT");

("ksm" stands for KeystoreManager, it's just an interface I've developed to easily manipulate Keystore objects)

Here is the exception that is thrown to me:

java.io.IOException: java.security.cert.CertificateException: KCert not found

My question is: is it possible to store certificates with a custom type in a Keystore file and load them when launching the application? If so, what should be implemented to make it work? (Since the Keystore seems to handle this type of certificate correctly when it is already initialized).

Thank you in advance!

--- EDIT ---

Small update: it seems that my .bks file becomes corrupted if I try to save it while it contains a certificate of this type.

I discovered this by retrieving the .bks file from the Android Studio file explorer and trying to open it via the KeyStore Explorer application.

If my keystore is empty the application opens it without problem but as soon as it contains a personalized certificate it becomes unreadable.

So I guess the source of my problem comes from saving an invalid keystore?

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