I need to create a field in tkinter that stores an emoji but when someone presses a button, that emoji is overwritten. I can't get emojis working in tkinter and I'm not sure how to then overwrite it.

import tkinter as tk

self.option4 = tk.Button(self, width=10)
self.option4["text"] = "no"
self.option4["command"] = self.wrong

corecalc = "🔲"

self.answercheck = tk.Text(self, height=1, width=5)
self.answercheck.insert(tk.END, corecalc)

self.QUIT = tk.Button(self, text="Quit", fg="red", command=root.destroy)

def correct(self):
  corecalc = "✅"

def wrong(self):
  corecalc = "❌"

Expected 🔲 outputs in field and changes to ❌ upon button press. Also is there a better method than text box that makes the field fixed rather than editable by end user.

Error: _tkinter.TclError: character U+1f532 is above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) allowed by Tcl

  • What are these self.something outside a class definition? – Reblochon Masque Jul 16 at 12:11

You can use any tkinter widget to display the characters - emojis or otherwise, that you will need - a Text widget if you want to display a single character is a poor choice, though possible.

If you really want to use Text, you can change it to not editable by setting its state Key to "disabled" (as oposed to the default "normal"):

self.answercheck = tk.Text(self, height=1, width=5, state="disabled")

A text box will require you to remove the previous text before insertig the new, you can simply use a tkinter.Label widget if you want programtic only changes to the characters:

import tkinter as tk

w = tk.Tk()
display = tk.Label(w, text="□")

def correct():
  display["text"] = "✅"

def wrong():
  display["text"] = "❌"

button = tk.Button(w, text="no", command=wrong)
button = tk.Button(w, text="yes", command=correct)

(In the build I have here - Python 3.7 on a Linux fedora, tkinter can't handle your 🔲 character directly, as its codepoint is above \uffff)

  • thank you very much got it working! – codereeee Jul 16 at 15:34

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