So the inputs and outputs bot have the attribute addresses by default. How can i analyze both and put it on a data frame?

When i run this on the google online sql editor it says duplicate name error

SELECT `hash`, outp.addresses, inp.addresses
FROM `bigquery-public-data.crypto_bitcoin.transactions` , UNNEST(outputs) AS outp, UNNEST(inputs) AS inp
#WHERE '15rc854gtVwYCU22piKzgo6dnPQscWuFaz' IN UNNEST(outp.addresses) OR '15rc854gtVwYCU22piKzgo6dnPQscWuFaz' IN UNNEST(inp.addresses) 

I expect the output to be just a table with 3 columns (hash of transaction, inputs and outputs addresses) where the address is in either one of them


Nevermind, it is easily fixed by just adding an alias such as

SELECT hash, outp.addresses AS out_addr, inp.addresses AS in_addr

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