I dont know if this is the correct place for this, but I would really appreciate if anyone can help me with the following:

I have developed an app using html, js, css via phonegap build, which stores some data in the browser localstore.

The app is currently installed in a tabet (android) but for some reason it started to hang on entering and does not hide the start layer (which shows the logo while loading). For this reason, you can not access the visualization of the data stored in the localstore, since the start layer is above all else.

I know there is data stored, because in the android application manager, it shows a large volume of data in the cache of my application.

Is there any way to access these data to extract them? Maybe some application, or connecting the tablet to a PC, or something like that.

If I reinstall the app, will the current installation cache remain intact or will it be reset?

In case it helps, the android developer mode is already activated.


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