As is the recommended pattern in EF Core these days when you have a many to many join we do something like this:

Fluent API, many-to-many in Entity Framework Core

Having done that I'm faced with the issue as to how I go about exposing that in the OData model.

Since technically the Entity type definition has no key property (as it uses a composite key the OData framework doesn't like me adding the set to the model.

Whats the recommended approach to this problem?

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It seems that EF and OData have become somewhat synced up, what would be even better would be if they could literally share model building code.

To that end I found that in the OData model build after calling AddSet I was able to define the key in the same way as I did in EF ...

Builder.EntityType<UserRole>().HasKey(ac => new { ac.UserId, ac.RoleId });

This is somewhat clean, I have not yet tried posting or directly requesting such a type yet, but expanding from either side of the relationship chain seems to work fine.

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