I have a Windows Server production environment hosted on-site and I would like to have a separate development environment hosted in a cloud service. Amazon Web Services host their RDS MySQL server in a Linux based environment. This differs from the MySQL implementation in the Windows environment with the main issue being Identifier Case Sensitivity. So I would like to find a cloud service that hosts in a Windows environment so it would be most similar to my production environment. After looking through the Azure documentation for Azure Database for MySQL servers, I could not find an answer. I would like to not spin up an entire Windows Server VM when I could use a more cost effective cloud service.


Is “Azure Database for MySQL servers” cloud service based on a Windows or a Linux environment?

As you said that you can't find it in the Microsoft documentation.

So I asked Azure Support and they replied that:

Azure Database for MySQL is running in a Windows Server machine rather than a Linux machine. Per discussed offline, Azure PostgreSQL single server is running in a Windows Server machine as well while Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale (Citus) is running in a Linux machine.

enter image description here

Hope this helps.

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