In my code, I need a Dict of Instance (for example a list of Parameter keyed by name). Currently I've solved this by using a regular Dict-traitlet as the incoming property (parameters) and then having a function that "translates" these into instances of the Parameter class.

Is there a better way to do this than:

import traitlets as t
import traitlets.config as tc

class Parameter(tc.Configurable):
    name = t.Unicode().tag(config=True)
    description = t.Unicode(allow_none=True).tag(config=True)
    value = t.Any(default_value=None).tag(config=True)

class Job(tc.Configurable):
    parameters = t.Dict(allow_none=True).tag(config=True)
    _parameter_map = t.Dict()

    def init_parameters(self):
        for name, configuration in self.parameters.items():
            configuration['name'] = name
            parameter = Parameter(**configuration, parent=self)
            self._parameter_map[name] = parameter

And then this:

c.Job.parameters = {
    "parameter1": {
        "description": "The first parameter",
        "value": True

It works and logic dictates that - since you configure by "class names" with the traitlets - it is the only way, but I just wanted to be sure

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