I've decided to change my site to use srcset for the images to account for low dpi screens. My site is images heavy, and the default 400x400 thumbnails look very nice on a hidpi screen. On a lodpi screen they're an overkill as the actual size of displayed image is 165x165. After the changes my img elements look more or less like this:

<img class="img-rounded img-responsive" 
     srcset="/photos/tiny/gcu-01015.jpg 170w, /photos/thumb/gcu-01015.jpg 400w">

/tiny/ images are 170x170 and /thumb/ ones are 400x400. Sure enough, loading a page with these on a hidpi screens gives me 400x400 version. That shows the browser sees srcset and acts accordingly. I pull up the developer tools in Firefox, enable "Responsive Design Mode, change the "screen" size to 300x700 with device pixel ratio of 1.0 and reload the page. It still uses the/thumb/` version, even though the images on the page are now 120x120, and with dpr of 1.0 there's no point in pulling down 400x400 images.

debug screenshot

Here's the page in question.

I've fiddled a bit with it but I couldn't find a good answer for the selection of the images. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here :|

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