I'm using ASP.NET Core and React JS. I'm newbie to this both platforms. I have used Axios for requesting data and getting response from server. But I have not requested images or any kind of file from server. This time I'm working on Download feature where user will click on button and can download desired file which is of .png, .jpg, .pdf format. I'm not understanding how can server will send data? I read, I needed to send base64 data which is converted from blob format. But not understanding how to request data from client and how server will serve desired file. In DB, I have stored only address of file e.g. /images/img1.jpg. This file actually resides in wwwroot/images folder. I have used downloadjs for downloading which is working correctly but after downloading, that image is not readable as it does not have any content.

Please anyone help me to implement this feature.


First you need API to download data something like this

  public async Task<IActionResult> Download(string filename)  
      if (filename == null)  
          return Content("filename not present");  

      var path = Path.Combine(  
                     "wwwroot", filename);  

      var memory = new MemoryStream();  
      using (var stream = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open))  
          await stream.CopyToAsync(memory);  
      memory.Position = 0;  
      return File(memory, GetContentType(path), Path.GetFileName(path));  

private string GetContentType(string path)  
        var types = GetMimeTypes();  
        var ext = Path.GetExtension(path).ToLowerInvariant();  
        return types[ext];  

    private Dictionary<string, string> GetMimeTypes()  
        return new Dictionary<string, string>  
            {".txt", "text/plain"},  
            {".pdf", "application/pdf"},  
            {".doc", "application/vnd.ms-word"},  
            {".docx", "application/vnd.ms-word"},  
            {".xls", "application/vnd.ms-excel"},  
            {".xlsx", "application/vnd.openxmlformats  
                {".png", "image/png"},  
                {".jpg", "image/jpeg"},  
                {".jpeg", "image/jpeg"},  
                {".gif", "image/gif"},  
                {".csv", "text/csv"}  

Then download file like this

  url: 'your url',
  method: 'POST',       // Worked using POST or PUT. Prefer POST
  responseType: 'blob', // important
}).then((response) => {
  const url = window.URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([response.data]));
  const link = document.createElement('a');
  link.href = url;
  link.setAttribute('download', 'file.pdf');

Ref link

  • Thank you for showing direction. Code after making changes from this link i.e. definition of GetContentType(path) I have found in this link. But I'm facing one issue. This code works perfectly on localhost. But when I upload on server then it's throwing an error of Status code 400. I tried everything but couldn't resolve that issue. How can I fix that error? – Rohit Sawai Jul 21 at 6:28
  • which host service you are using? – Tony Ngo Jul 21 at 6:49
  • My website is running on IIS server and running on Windows Server 2012 R2. – Rohit Sawai Jul 21 at 7:01
  • you can create another question so i can take a look at – Tony Ngo Jul 21 at 7:35
  • Here I have created new question. – Rohit Sawai Jul 21 at 9:27

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