I have a client who has a pre-made Squarespace site who has asked me to build polling and article pages as well as a user database. I did this using Django, but am unsure if I can integrate the third party application with their site.

I contacted Squarespace, they told me they themselves do not provide support on third-party applications. They pointed me towards forums to gather more information. Any information would help.


Unfortunately no, you can't add server-side code such as Django to a Squarespace site. Squarespace only supports the addition of HTML, CSS and Javascript within Code Injection, Code Blocks, or even Developer Mode.

From Squarespace's Docs:

You can't add server-side code. Server-side code is handled by a server, not by a browser, and includes:
  - PHP
  - Ruby
  - Ruby on Rails
  - SQL

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