I am trying to fill out a form on a webpage using Puppeteer, but there are some input fields that only accept numeric input, like:

<input type="text" inputmode="numeric">

But I can't write to these Input fields with page.type like I do with normal Input fields. When I try it I get the error message:

TypeError: text is not iterable

On all other inputs, page.type works perfectly fine.


This error occurred because you are trying to invoke page.type() function with a number instead of the string type.

page.type(selector, text[, options])

  • selector <string> A selector of an element to type into. If there are multiple elements satisfying the selector, the first will be used
  • text <string> A text to type into a focused element.
  • options <Object>
    • delay <number> Time to wait between key presses in milliseconds. Defaults to 0.
  • returns: <Promise>

For instance:

await page.type('#mytextarea', '123')

or you can set value with eval function:

await page.$eval('selector', field => field.value = 12);
  • Thanks, that was the perfect answer to my problem! :) – by James Jul 19 '19 at 9:55

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