In .net you have the ability to Response.End() in any context you want. Is there similar functionality in Java/JSP?




In my experience you have to do the following:

out.flush(); // Send out whatever hasn't been sent out yet.
out.close(); // Close the stream. Future calls will fail.
return; // Return from the JSP servelet handler.

This will not work inside a function because you'll just end up returning from the function but not from the JSP servelet handler (which I'm assuming is your intention).


You could try


Not quite sure if that will have odd side effects though, in case the server needs to send any data after your content...


  • When I do something like what I am doing below, nothing gets written to the browser, I would think that 'TEST' would get written and thats the behavior I am trying to achieve, Any suggestions? <% out.println("TEST"); response.getOutputStream().close(); out.println("TEST2"); – Sam Feb 20 '09 at 20:29
  • "out" isn't the same thing as response.getOutputStream() -- have you tried out.close()? – Jacob Mattison Feb 20 '09 at 20:51

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