I have enabled metrics on dropwizard with SLF4J reporters. Some of the metrics are quite confusing to me.

type=TIMER, name=org.eclipse.jetty.server.HttpConnectionFactory., count=57, min=7.988195, max=1443098.705887, mean=598116.1806909539, stddev=474504.46783605724, median=460971.878718, p75=743505.302471, p95=1443098.705887, p98=1443098.705887, p99=1443098.705887, p999=1443098.705887, mean_rate=0.02479885544562667, m1=6.584072318689181E-4, m5=0.015550604983378295, m15=0.021358296418484884, rate_unit=events/second, duration_unit=milliseconds

It's number of connections. How can be anything like min/max? What are min and max defining in this case? The duration of time which the connection was open?

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