This is my upload model

    function upload_avatar()
        $id = $this->tank_auth->get_user_id();

        //config upload parameters and upload image
        $config = array(
            'allowed_types' => 'jpeg|jpg|png',
            'upload_path' => $this->upload_path,
            'max_size' => 2048,
            'encrypt_name' => TRUE,
            'overwrite' => FALSE,
        $this->load->library('upload', $config);

        //get upload data, config, resize uploaded image, save in avatars subfolder
        $image_data = $this->upload->data();

        if ($image_data['file_size'] < 2048) {

            $config = array(
                'source_image' => $image_data['full_path'],
                'new_image' => $this->upload_path . '/avatars',
                'maintain_ratio' => TRUE,
                'width' => 125,
                'height' => 125
            $this->load->library('image_lib', $config);

            //only burn avatar path to user_profiles table if no upload errors
            if (!$this->upload->display_errors()) {
                $data = array('avatar' => base_url() . 'images/avatars/' . $image_data['file_name']);
                $this->db->where('id', $id);
                $this->db->update('user_profiles', $data);

            //delete the original file from server

        } else {

    echo $this->upload->display_errors();


I can't get the error message to echo straight to the browser when I try uploading a file > 2MB.

To be fair, CI ignores this large file, and uploads correctly when a file is < 2MB.

The only thing is that I can't get the error message to show on the front-end to give the suer some feedback.

Any ideas what's wrong here?

$config['upload_path'] = 'uploads/category/'.$id.'/';
        //echo $file_name;die;
        //echo $config['upload_path'];
        $config['allowed_types'] = 'gif|jpg|jpeg|png';
        $config['max_size'] = '2048';
        $config['max_width'] = '1920';
        $config['max_height'] = '1280';
         foreach ($_FILES as $key => $value) {

            if (!empty($key['name'])) {

                if (!$this->upload->do_upload($key)) {
                  // echo 'test';die;
//                    rmdir('uploads/category/'.$id);
                    $errors = $this->upload->display_errors();

try this!!

Is your post_max_size limit less than 2MB? ( If so the file may have been discarded before your code is invoked.


If you take out your function call in the else block, and just drop in an exit('too big'); are you able to see errors then? If so there may be an issue with how you're pasing the call off.

  • yes 'max_size' => 2048, limits files to less than 2MB -- but when I comment out that line i still don't get the error message – pepe Apr 19 '11 at 0:47
  • post_max_size is defined in php.ini, not your script. – preinheimer Apr 19 '11 at 0:51
  • oh - anyway if I increase 'max_size' I can upload images > 2MB so i don't think php.ini is configured in any way that prevents it – pepe Apr 19 '11 at 0:57

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