I have a route say /users that gets me a list of users and I use a modal to prompt the user to delete a given record. This calls a delete get route which performs the delete. Now after this I need to reload the user list /users but this time with a message of user successfully deleted.

I am currrently using an optional parameter e.g /users/{fromDelete?} and if the flag is sent I pass a delete message to the view in my controller. The issue with this a refresh to the page shows the message again


Generally in cases like this, you should flash (save to the session for a single request) a message to the session, and then display that on the index.

A popular library that handles this for you is laracasts/flash

To use the library, add the blade partial to your layout:



And then in your delete controller:


flash(sprintf('Deleted User %s', $user->name))->success()

This will show the flash message as an alert on your index page.

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    Thanks, @atymic that's what I wanted – TIMOTHY KASAGA Jul 19 '19 at 12:37

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