FileManager has a subtype SearchPathDirectory which is used in order to let consumers get paths to directories in different domains (e.g. applications or library in either user or system domains).

Most of these are straightforward; .libraryDirectory might correspond to /Library, and .desktopDirectory might correspond to /Users/JAppleseed/Desktop, depending on which domain you're searching.

While looking through these, I spotted .documentationDirectory. Ironically, it's poorly documented:




case documentationDirectory = 8

Source:  Developer

However, the documentation does say that this has been around since Mac OS X 10.0, so it's not poorly documented because it's so new.

When I print it out for all domains, I get:

["/Users/benleggiero/Library/Documentation", "/Library/Documentation", "/Network/Library/Documentation", "/System/Library/Documentation"]

so it seems this is something that's supposed to go into a library, but only one of the paths it printed actually exist on my machine, /Library/Documentation, but it just seems to contain a couple EULAs. Is that all there is to it? Just a place to put misc. EULAs?

It sounds specific and useful, but I don't know what it's supposed to be for. Is this some old convention that's no longer used, like ~/Developer? Is this something that can appear in certain circumstances that I've never triggered? Is this something that I could be taking advantage of, whether for myself or with the places my apps store certain document types?

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