I have to list like this :

IEnumerable<Entities.Article> articlelist;
IEnumerable<Entities.MeasureUnit> measureList

I want to combine the lists into one. Combining an article with all the units of measurement in a communion list taking only the name article, ID unit of measure, Name unit of measure.

You could do two loops for each item in a list, but I would like to know if there is a way to make it simpler with linq.

Foreach Example:

            foreach(Entities.Article article in articlelist.ToList())
                foreach(Entities.MeasureUnit measureUnit in measureList.ToList())

                    searchList.Add(new Models.SearchItem() { IDItem = measureUnit.IDMeasureUnit, PrincipalProperty = article.Description, SecondaryProperty = measureUnit.Description });


You can use SelectMany to build this cartesian product:

IEnumeable<Models.SearchItem> searchItems = articlelist
   .SelectMany(article => measureList, (a, m) 
      => new Models.SearchItem() { IDItem = m.IDMeasureUnit, PrincipalProperty = a.Description, SecondaryProperty = m.Description });
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