How do I concatenate a percent % string to a string?

as either do not work

s := "%%" + s + "%" 

I know its a special character but don't afford it neither do I find the doc...


The answer was one of my attempts, but it could stay an issue of the compiler/editor. After putting the example into the same feature, compiling, and replacing the old code the compiler did not complain anymore, but still stays as syntax coloration strange

enter image description here

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    Indeed, there was an editor issue in the IDE, this was fixed yesterday, EiffelStudio 19.11 (or next beta) will include the correction. – Jocelyn Jul 19 at 18:11

Using the same double-percent string in the second case should do the trick:

s := "%%" + s + "%%"
  • Thx, was one of my unsuccesful attempts, see my update, it compiled but after some code removes and replaces strangely... even after a EIFGEN remove and recompile – Pipo Jul 19 at 17:46

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