I have created a UI Picker but the default is just it being transparent. I would like to use/be given the RGB + translucency values that makes the grey color that is commonly used on picker views.

It is the same grey like the defualt color for a programmatic UI Date Picker. Thank you! I need this to be in alignment with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Added a picture of the background color/translucency I need below:

enter image description here

  • Try to change the tint color of UIPicker. – ASHISHT Jul 20 at 6:22
  • I know how to change to different color of the UI Picker, but I'm wondering what exact color is that grey. – Matteo Jul 20 at 6:24
  • can someone explain why I am getting murked with downvotes as well): – Matteo Jul 21 at 18:52

iPhone SDK has two types of gray color both have opacity 1.

iOS 13 also introduces a range of six opaque gray colors you can use in rare cases where translucency doesn't work well.


And for changing the background color.

light gray color:

picker.backgroundColor = UIColor.lightGray

dark gray color:

picker.backgroundColor = UIColor.darkGray

if you want some transparency on the picker view. You can add Gradient on it.

        let view = UIView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: picker.frame.width, height: picker.frame.height))
        let gradient = CAGradientLayer()

        gradient.frame = view.bounds
        gradient.colors = [UIColor.white.cgColor, UIColor.lightGray.cgColor]

        picker.layer.insertSublayer(gradient, at: 0)

find the image as it looks with gradient and light gray color. picker view with gradient

  • defiantly not the right grey much too dark, and It's not a problem on how to set the color I know how thanks though – Matteo Jul 20 at 6:46
  • I'm familiar with the system .lightgray and .darkgray ui colors, however these are not the right color/opacity – Matteo Jul 20 at 6:58
  • uploaded a picture @Animesh – Matteo Jul 20 at 7:08
  • Thanks, @Matteo. Can you please explain more, if possible "Added a picture of the color I need below:" – Animesh Jul 20 at 7:13
  • 1
    Ok, @Matteo. Then what else you want please explain. – Animesh Jul 20 at 23:07

Hex color - #e8e9ed

RGB color - UIColor(red: 232/255, green: 233/255, blue: 237/255, alpha: 1)

or you can use #f7f7f7

I hope it works.

  • It's close but not the same, the system one has some transparency to it. – Matteo Jul 20 at 6:45
  • uploaded a photo @Rushang Patel – Matteo Jul 20 at 7:08
  • if you want some transparency then add a gradient layer. – Rushang Patel Jul 20 at 7:44

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