In firemonkey (RAD Studio 10.3), I am working with a TStringGrid connected to a database and I want to change the text alignment of a specific column. How can I do that? Changing HorzAlign in TextSettings property, changes the alignment of all columns.

I tried the suggested solution in this page and did not work! In newer versions of Firemonkey the below solution code results in an error.

type TSpecificColumn = class(TColumn)
  function CreateCellControl: TStyledControl;override;

There is no CreateCellControl function in TColumn Class anymore to be Overrided! This is the error I got:

Method CreateCellControl not found in base class.


In the OnDrawColumnCell and/or OnDrawColumnHeader events you can use a TTextLayout for the purpose. As in the following example showing drawing the cells with three different alignments. The same can be applied when drawing the headers:


procedure TForm11.Grid1DrawColumnCell(Sender: TObject; const Canvas: TCanvas;
  const Column: TColumn; const Bounds: TRectF; const Row: Integer;
  const Value: TValue; const State: TGridDrawStates);
  tl: TTextLayout;
  rf: TRectF;    // added
  tl := TTextLayoutManager.DefaultTextLayout.Create;
      // added from here
      rf := Bounds;
      InflateRect(rf, -2, -2);
      if (TGridDrawState.Selected in State) or
         (TGridDrawState.Focused in State) or
         (TGridDrawState.RowSelected in State)
        Canvas.Fill.Color := TAlphaColors.LightBlue
        Canvas.Fill.Color := TAlphaColors.White;

      Canvas.FillRect(rf, 0, 0, [], 1);
      // added until here

      tl.TopLeft := Bounds.TopLeft;
      tl.MaxSize := PointF(Column.Width, Column.Height);
      tl.Font.Size := 15;
      tl.Text := 'Some text'; // Value
      case Column.Index of
        0: tl.HorizontalAlign := TTextAlign.Leading;
        1: tl.HorizontalAlign := TTextAlign.Center;
        2: tl.HorizontalAlign := TTextAlign.Trailing;

enter image description here

TTextLayout has many other useful options and properties, so I recommend to take a look at the documentation.

  • Thank you for your great answer! Everything is working marvelously except one thing that I don't know what to do about it. As I mentioned in the question my StringGrid is connected to database table (through TBindSourceDB) for viewing and editing values. For the text property of created textlayout I did this: tl.Text := value.ToString; but now in every cell I have two text values on each other. This is the image. What's your suggestion? @Tom – Moj.H Jul 21 at 4:38
  • For header I had this issue too. By adding Column.Header := ''; in OnDrawColumnHeader event, headers got OK. But for cells containing the database values I have no Idea! These are image#1 and image#2 for before and after solving the header problem. – Moj.H Jul 21 at 5:12
  • Sorry to here. I can investigate further if you can provide me with an in-memory data set, the data binding and the relevant parts of the .fmx file (to assure my setup is equal) to reproduce the problem. Also include your version of the OnDrawColumnCell() event handler. – Tom Brunberg Jul 21 at 7:15
  • I added some code to clear the cell before drawing anew. I leave it to you to select background colors for the various TDrawStates. This should work OK for both TGrid and TStringGrid but if not, please provide a test case as outlined in my previous comment. – Tom Brunberg Jul 21 at 9:53
  • Thanks a million! Your new piece of code did the trick. In addition I changed InflateRect(rf, -2, -2); to InflateRect(rf, 0, 0); to completely cover the prevous values in cells. additionally I enabled AlternatingRowBackground in options and I had to consider background colors for alternate rows. As a solution I check if the row index is odd or even and I don't know if this is the correct way or the silly way! – Moj.H Jul 21 at 11:05

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