I'd like to start a Nodejs debugger for my Hexo blog to understand how my theme works and possibly find a bug.

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I needed 2 things to achieve this:

  1. Install hexo-cli as a dev dependency rather than global. I used npm i hexo-cli --save-dev.
  2. In package.json, under scripts, add a script called debug. I used this command: node --inspect=4300 ./node_modules/hexo-cli/bin/hexo server.

Then just use npm run debug and you're good to connect with a debugger to port 4300 (or whatever port you want to set in your command) and do line-to-line debugging etc.

One caveat is that with the --inspect setting, for some reason hexo is starting extremely slow (takes more than 2 minutes). I wonder what causes this.

Also, I haven't found a way to start hexo in a way that it generates pages dynamically. It would help with real time debugging.

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