I saw a video, where classes with two functions( init and a regular one) were laughed about a lot, with a reason that If you do not have multiple functions do not opt for a class.
My API consists of a class with only a POST function, not even an init function.

class Singleclass(Resources):
      def post(self):
          do something

But, I can't write a function here as how would I import 'Resources' then.
Is the class above fine?

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    The __init__ method will be inherited from Resources as maybe other methods defined there. It is completely fine to overwrite just one method in a subclass. – Klaus D. Jul 20 at 15:49
  • Oh Yesssss, Thank you sir. Totally forgot about that, my bad. Thanks for your reply, my doubts have cleared ;) – Mr.President Jul 20 at 15:50

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