I am trying to pattern match a key value in a map and discard everything else.

identity = RedditOAuth2.get_identity(access_token)
# here is how i am getting the key "name" right now.
name = Map.get(identity, "name")
# How would i do something like this
%{"name" => name | rest} = RedditOAuth2.get_identity(access_token)

You have have multiple = in a single match.

%{"name" => name} = identity = RedditOAuth2.get_identity(access_token)

identity will have the entire map assigned to it and name will have whatever was in the "name" key.


If you're wanting to discard everything else from the identity and are okay adding another function, you may be looking for Map.split/2.

{%{"name" => name}, identity} =
  |> RedditOAuth2.get_identity()
  |> Map.split(["name"])

To answer my question, i could just have done

%{"name" => name} = RedditOAuth2.get_identity(access_token)
  • There was no question in what you have posted and hence this second answer has very little sense. – Aleksei Matiushkin Jul 21 '19 at 5:05

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