We are using WooCommerce Subscriptions on our Wordpress shopping site. We have a coupon which auto applies on a subscription + physical product.

A bit of background on the configuration - the subscription (Sub Y) is a virtual product and there's a physical kit (Prod X) that needs to be purchased along with it the first time. We then use Stripe to charge the subscription fee only (for Sub Y)

When user buys this above custom bundle, we auto apply a coupon which gives them a discount on (Sub Y) the first time, so user only has to pay for (Prod X).

However just noticed this when a subscription is put on hold (due to various reasons - card declined/cancelled/user put on hold, etc.) and is resumed, this coupon applies itself again and 0's the cart total.

I'm not sure if this is a bug with WooCommerce Subscriptions, but any help will be appreciated.

  • Just to add, re-configuring the product to configure a free trial is not recommended atm. – Josh Flynn Jul 21 at 6:56

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