I am building a site using Gatsby and have a 'News' section of the site. This section is to be populated by various news articles pulled in from different RSS feeds.

However, I do not want to include every article from every feed and I want to have some editorial control (for example: modifying Headlines, adding an introductory line, etc).

Is it possible to do this vis-a-vis some sort of Headless CMS (like Contentful or Prismic)?

If so, any idea how?



I’m guessing that there might be a way to do this with Integration Fields in Prismic, basically connect your repository to an external API. So you have this content available in Prismic, and you can add/edit field from the CMS

Here's the documentation: https://user-guides.prismic.io/en/articles/1401183-connect-to-a-custom-api

  • Thanks -- I'll take a look at it. Sounds like what I am looking for. – Moshe Jul 23 at 14:14

The Cosmic JS Headless CMS provides a Gatsby-Source-Plugin plus content editing capabilities via the web-based Dashboard. You could also build a custom Extension to handle your external APIs within the Cosmic Dashboard.


The Strapi CMS provides a Gatsby-Source-Strapi or dynamic requests by Graphql or REST.

The content you could edit by WYSWIG edytor. enter image description here

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