How can I see my slack bot info like user id and bot id without making api call

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You can IDs of most objects in the Slack Web client as they are part of the links to show their details page.

User ID / Bot ID

If you see the message of a user in a channel you can click on the user name to get his info. That link contains the User ID:


The last part (U12345678) is the user ID. Or if its a bot that was posting you get it's bot ID that way.

Channel ID

The link to open a channel in the sidebar contains the channel ID. Its also displayed in the URL when you have a channel open:


Again the last part (C12345678) is the channel ID. It will start with a G for a private channel or a G for a direct message channel.

App ID

Similar you can get the ID of an APP on Manage / Apps page. You can click on the app names to open theirs individual pages.


The last part (A12345678) in those links is the apps ID.

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