I try to use Mockito to mock the getDeclaredMethod() of java. but the parameter of this method is un-certain. how to mock such method?

public Method getDeclaredMethod(String name, Class... parameterTypes) throws NoSuchMethodException, SecurityException {
    throw new RuntimeException("Stub!");

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Use ArgumentMatchers.any()

Matches anything, including nulls and varargs.



In your case

when(mockedObject.getDeclaredMethod(anyString(), (Class<?>)any())).thenReturn("element");

And also anyVararg() but which is Deprecated. as of 2.1.0

  • yes, thanks, the correct answer is when(mockClass.getDeclaredMethod(anyString(), (Class<?>) any())
    – Jesse
    Commented Jul 22, 2019 at 9:09

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