I'm using Contenful as CMS for my Gatsby site. In the configuration for their rich-text-react-renderer, I'm trying to have all code in the rich text field wrapped in a <pre> tag, so as to maintain all the formatting and to add my own styling.

Here's what I tried:

const Blog = (props) => {
  const Code = ({children}) => <pre><code style={{backgroundColor: "red"}}>{children}</code></pre>
  const options = {
   renderMark: {
      [MARKS.CODE]: code => <Code>{code}</Code>},

The problem is that Contentful will wrap every line of code snippet inside paragraph tags when I select 'normal text', which isn't valid HTML (<pre> tags can't be direct descendants of <p> tags) and messes up all my formatting.

Does anyone know how to override that behavior or a workaround that will render properly formatted code snippets sourced from Contentful in Gatsby?

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