For a turn-by turn navigation/gps app I'm trying to combine React Native and MapBox Directions SDK.

Now I found a couple of medium post about how to bridge RN to Swift. The last couple of days I've been trying to combine them but in every method I use this 1 error pops up all the time:

'double-conversion/double-conversion.h' file not found

The weird thing is that React-native builds fine without self-written code. After I wrote my own code it just breaks on this error. Has someone of you guys had this before??

I'm using RN 0.60.4 . I've also tried older versions of RN but when I try to install my pods it doesn't generate my .xcworkspace

Thanks in advance ;p


According to React Native issue:

You are using the RN version (0.60.4) which does not work with use_frameworks!. I suggest removing use_frameworks! from your Podfile or using the lastest RN from master.

Moreover, Facebook officially tracks the issue. It is said in release notes.

Note that we are aware of a compatability issue with use_frameworks!, and we're tracking an issue with workarounds and a future patch.

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