I've been trying to set a file path as a variable, using require.context(). Require.context accepts three parameters: filepath, boolean if subfolders should be included and RegEx for file-name search algorithm. My question is - is there a way to allow user of the application to make changes for the file path, instead of changing code every time folder changes?

So far I've tried adding variable as a path name that perhaps user of the application could change manually, but there is one problem that is happening in that case.

This is the code I've used so far, with a fixed file path (./) :

var counter; console.log(requireAll); function requireAll(requireContext) {   return requireContext.keys().map(requireContext); }

importAll(require.context('./', false, /[^.]{5}$/));

I've tried this approach:

var data = './' var context = requireAll(require.context( data, false, /[^.]{5}$/));

It gives me this error:

TypeError: webpack_require(...).context is not a function

I hope you can provide me with some info of is it even possible to change file path in the application using some different methods? Or maybe point out if I'm doing some mistakes.

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