I have a C# application that runs a global hook to be able to listen to touch events. This app runs in a Win10 touch device, and the global hook works to check for WM_POINTERDOWN / WM_POINTERUP messages. I receive such messages from all apps (even desktop) except the main app I am making, which apparently receives WM_LBUTTONXX for single taps, and WM_RBUTTONXX for long press.

I have tried using RegisterTouchWindow(_hndl, 0); in hopes of changing the message being sent, also tried to listen for TouchFrameEventHandler events, but I only receive the first touch pointer. Both come from WM_LBUTTONXX messages.

Currently with WM_LBUTTONXX being received, there is no way to track the number of pointers active on the screen. Are there other ways to tell my app to receive WM_POINTERXX events instead of L/R Mouse Button Presses?

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