The code below goes through the entire contents of Memo1, and exit when Label2 = Edit1. So far so good, I would like to know how I do so when I click Button1 again after the exit, it continues from the line below Memo1 and not from the beginning again.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var i: Integer;
 for i := 0 to Memo1.Lines.Count - 1 do
  Label2.Caption := Memo1.Lines.Strings[i];

  if Trim(Label2.Caption) = (Edit1.Text) then
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    You can remember current counter in some global variable (class field) and start for loop from that value. But in general this approach looks weird. What real problem you are going to solve? – MBo Jul 24 at 5:23
  • you need a conditional loopbut are using an unconditional loop . Why ? Use a while loop and this can be done a lot easier – GuidoG Jul 24 at 6:54
  1. Declare a variable in your form class named FCurrentLine of type Integer
  2. Change your loop to read for i := FCurrentLine to ...
  3. When you exit the loop set FCurrentLine := i + 1

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