I need to add a prefix to my JDL so that I can distinguish the various JDL entitys that i'll have on my microservice application.

I've tried to simply add the prefix on the JDL Studio and it pops up an error.

For example, I have an entity Channel which I want it to be called PO_Channel.

If I just change the name of the entity on JDL Studio it gives me the following error:

The entity name must match: /^[A-Z][A-Za-z0-9]*$/ at line: 17, column: 8

Which I believe is because of the underscore.

Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help

  • There's no way to configure it So, either you call it POChannel or you create a module or a blueprint to implement your naming conventions. – Gaël Marziou Jul 24 at 19:10

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