I'm trying to use the pyinstaller to pack my python file in to .exe, but I keep getting this error message.

win32ctypes.pywin32.pywintypes.error: (1920, 'LoadLibraryExW', 'System can not access the file')

I've tried running the cmd as administrator but it's still not working.

My operating system is Windows 10

  • Please show the FULL stacktrace and other outputs of PyInstaller.
    – deets
    Jul 24, 2019 at 10:23

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I managed to solve the same problem by uninstalling python (installed from Microsoft store) and installing 3.8.2 from python.org.


I think there's an access permission problem with windows, specifically with C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder (it's hidden).

I created a virtual environment, installed pyinstaller within the venv, and everything worked fine.


I had the same problem. Just move your python file in your C:\Users\batman\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python38-32\Scripts folder where you can also find pyinstaller.exe and run the windows command prompt there and try again!


Update your Python version. I updated mine form Python 3.7.6 to Python 3.8.2 on https://www.python.org/downloads/ I just did it and it worked for me!

  • Could you point out exactly to which Python version you've updated? This way you'll be more specific in helping the users. Mar 3, 2020 at 15:45

I've been coming back to this problem now for months after my new PC had this idea. After selling my laptop (that pyinstaller worked on), I was forced to find a solution. To try and figure out what was going on I created a virtual environment in pycharm and it suddenly worked. I'd recommend giving pycharm a go!


If you've built your Python project in PyCharm, and later installed pyinstaller, there is a copy of the pyinstaller program EXE in the Output subfolders.

Simple copy the full path of where the pyInstaller.exe is located inside your PyCharm project, open CMD as Administrator, go to your PyCharm project folder, where your .py file is located and paste the path copied earlier (windows 10), plus add the pyInstaller.exe extension.


C:\Users\<<YOUR USER FOLDER>>\<<YOUR PYCHARM PROJECT>>\output\pyInstaller.exe <<YOUR python FILE>>

It will compile.


You have to uninstall your current python and reinstall it again. The reason is that either you have a 32 bit python or some file(s) of the your python are corrupted, thus you have to reinstall all the libraries again.


Yes, the issue is apparently that Windows does not like pyinstaller to be run under C:\Users\. I was having the same issue and I moved my python scripts under C:\Temp where I could run pyinstaller without issues.

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