I use FullAjaxExceptionHandlerFactory to handle exceptions during both ajax and non-ajax requests.

The OmniFaces showcase page says

The FullAjaxExceptionHandler will transparently handle exceptions during ajax requests exactly the same way as exceptions during synchronous (non-ajax) requests.

I noticed that if an exception happened during a synchronous request, findExceptionRootCause (the method that actually does unwrapping) doesn't get called. Therefore, the rules defined in the web.xml aren't being applied since they rely on FullAjaxExceptionHandler unwrapping.

Does it mean I need to extend the FullAjaxExceptionHandler or is there something I am missing?

Stack trace :

(non-ajax request)

     Caused by: javax.faces.view.facelets.TagAttributeException
          Caused by: javax.el.ELException
               Caused by: xxx.MyException



*I remember ELException may be omitted since it will be included anyway. For the sake of certainty, I included every type preceded my exception in the stack trace.


/xxx/internal-server-error.xhtml is shown


/xxx/page-not-found.xhtml is shown


For the exception mentioned above, if I define <error-page> like




I will get the expected outcome - the 404 page.

For javax.el.ELException and xxx.MyException, the exception results in the 500 page which isn't what I am expecting.

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    Have you checked the "Normal requests" section of the showcase page? – BalusC Jul 24 at 14:40
  • @BalusC I did, a moment ago :) The introduction misled me into thinking this handler treat both ajax and non-ajax exceptions the same. I was thinking about it like FullExceptionHandler + Ajax = FullAjaxExceptionHandler, which isn't the case... – Andrew Tobilko Jul 24 at 14:44

I use FullAjaxExceptionHandler to handle exceptions during both ajax and non-ajax requests.

The FullAjaxExceptionHandler does not handle exceptions during non-ajax requests. Its sole purpose is to handle exceptions during ajax requests the same way as non-ajax requests (namely, showing an error page defined in web.xml).

Further in the showcase page which you linked you can find this section:

Normal requests

Note that the FullAjaxExceptionHandler does not deal with normal (non-ajax) requests at all. To properly handle JSF and EL exceptions on normal requests as well, you need an additional FacesExceptionFilter. This will extract the root cause from a wrapped FacesException and ELException before delegating the ServletException further to the container (the container will namely use the first root cause of ServletException to match an error page by exception in web.xml).

So, all you need to do is to install the FacesExceptionFilter in order to get the same unwrapping behavior as FullAjaxExceptionHandler.

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