I created a website with gatsby-starter-ghost.

I noticed that by default the CSS is put into the head of every HTML file as an inline style:

<style>.every-thing-is-in-here {}</style>

I want to serve the CSS in its own file and not alongside every HTML file.

How can I disable this behaviour and use <link> for CSS instead?


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It seems this is not configurable. I found a solution on Github. Basically in your gatsby-ssr.js rewrite the style elements like this:

export const onPreRenderHTML = ({getHeadComponents}) => {
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production')

    getHeadComponents().forEach(el => {
        // Remove inline css.
        if (el.type === 'style') {
            el.type = 'link'
            el.props['href'] = el.props['data-href']
            el.props['rel'] = 'stylesheet'
            el.props['type'] = 'text/css'

            delete el.props['data-href']
            delete el.props['dangerouslySetInnerHTML']
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    It's worth checking that there is a value in el.props['data-href'] before doing the transformation, to avoid affecting custom style tags for example. You can do this by replacing line 7 with if (el.type === 'style' && el.props['data-href'])
    – adrian
    Jan 28, 2021 at 15:10

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