I made an app using a flutter and I want to distribute it to the app store. However, if I run archive, It has fail.

flutter clean flutter getpackage flutter upgrade and update

product clean in xcode

but I has success product -> build

just when I distribute the app to archive. I got fails...

Building AOT snapshot in release mode (ios-release)...
Dart snapshot generator failed with exit code -9 Building AOT snapshot in release mode (ios-release)... 309.0s (!) Built to build/aot/. Snapshotting (IOSArch.arm64) exited with non-zero exit code: -9 cp: build/aot/App.framework: No such file or directory error: cannot parse the debug map for 'build/aot/App.framework/App': No such file or directory Failed to generate debug symbols (dSYM) file for build/aot/App.framework/App.


You need to run "flutter build ios" before use the code in Xcode

Check the docs: https://flutter.dev/docs/deployment/ios

  • Use of flutter build ios is not a pre-condition. It's just an option if you want to prepare the build via command line. – Sukhi Jul 25 at 4:34
  • I did that you said content. but I had same error... – dev_koo Jul 25 at 6:56

I solved this problem.

I made so many .dart files

so I spend a lot of time doing compile.

the problem is that there are many dart files

We need to reduce the dart file. I built the release version and it was successful, leaving only the main files behind.

So the unnecessary dart file was erased and the build was successful.

But I don't think this is a fundamental solution. I will continue to develop and make dart files. Then you'll face a situation where you don't build again.

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