I am trying create custom namespaces after reading the article at Custom Namespaces

I am able to create simple tags and and able to consume them

for e.g.

     <mns:test id="test" port="8003" host="localhost"/>

but i am not able to use this tag in another custom tag.

my requirement is like this, i have to create aother custom tag and inject the other simple tag in it.

 <mns:test id="test1" port="8003" host="localhost"/>
 <mns:test id="test2" port="8003" host="localhost"/>
 <mns:test id="test3" port="8003" host="localhost"/>

 <mns:instance id="instance" username="XXXXX" password="YYYYYY">
    <mns:test  ref="test1" />
    <mns:test  ref="test2" />
    <mns:test  ref="test3" />

Please help me..

  • Custom namespace config is not for the faint of heart. – skaffman Apr 19 '11 at 16:56

Nested elements should be handled manually.

Try to find nested elements using DOM methods and pass them to

  • Thanks for the reply .. I am totally new to this , can you post some link or Example for me – NullPointerException Apr 19 '11 at 16:44

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