I am developing an energy based routing protocol, where in I am trying to use RemoteGetParamReq from one node, to fetch residual energy of its neighbor node, but the request is returning FAILURE response.

I have exposed the energy(init_energy) as the parameter of PHY by defining enum, and also I have defined getParameterList() method to associate the enum in my modem class.

How to fetch energy parameter of remote node using RemoteGetParamReq

This is the code I am trying with

remote << new RemoteGetParamReq(to: 2, remoteAgentID:  phy).get(MyEnergyParameters.init_energy)

This is the enumeration defined;

import org.arl.unet.Parameter

public enum MyEnergyParameters implements Parameter{
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    Can you query the parameter on the local node shell? – Mandar Chitre Jul 29 at 13:07

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