Trying to get a pareto-chart in Python following

I am following this code in my Jupyter notebook How to make Pareto Chart in python?

I'm not getting the pareto increasing uniformly, instead its zigzag and the x-labels are sorted alphabetically, instead of ordered by country though the df.sort_values is there.

Please suggest what could be the issue.



It seems that matplotlib (aka plt) forces the alphetical sort for old versions of matplotlib (when did you last uprade it ?). You can see more informations and a great answer on solutions and workarounds here : How to prevent alphabetical sorting for python bars with matplotlib? In particular, just set a numerical index :

df['Nation'] = ['USA', 'Canada', 'Russia', 'UK', 'Belgium', 'Mexico', 'Germany', 'Denmark']

Then df.index will keep numerical order.

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