Suppose I have:



And I would like to define m4 macro:

define(`\[.*\]`, ...)

Question: Is this possible and how does one do it?


It isn't possible as you can see in manual of m4:

3.1 Macro names

A name is any sequence of letters, digits, and the character ‘_’ (underscore), where the first character is not a digit. m4 will use the longest such sequence found in the input. If a name has a macro definition, it will be subject to macro expansion (see Macros). Names are case-sensitive.

Examples of legal names are: ‘foo’, ‘_tmp’, and ‘name01’.

The [ and ] characters aren't legal in macro definition.

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    Well, that's not entirely true. You can define a macro whose name contains non-alphanumeric letters, only you have to invoke it afterwards using defn(). Even the official manual suggests an example with non-alphanumeric macro names. See my answer to donlan here. – madmurphy Sep 14 at 4:02
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    @madmurphy tricky solution, thanks for addition :) But the OP can't use it as (s)he wants. – uzsolt Sep 14 at 8:09

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