I am developing application with cakephp ,in my code i am developing search functionality.i have table with number fields . i want to search data which is concatenation of 3 columns values.but problem here it is in one column has id of value other two columns directly have data.now i want to split search data ,and get first value id from other tables and search whole data.

example i want to search ab/c001/2019, in this i stored c001 and 2019 in same table but ab i am storing id of that value which is getting from another table. i tried with get full search value and used like operator to search.

in value ab/c001/2019 i want to replace ab with other variable dynamically.means string before first slash replace with one variable which i am getting dynamically

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    Use Search plugin - this makes your code so much easier, more reliable and future proof. – mark Jul 26 at 10:14
  • ok mark i am getting this result .from this result how to get id and assign this in a variable Array ( [GroupValue] => Array ( [id] => 23006 ) ) – Bala Jul 26 at 10:45
  • I got that id but those values i want to concatenate to anothe value in table – Bala Jul 26 at 10:58

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