I am running tsung for loading a number of raw requests with no_ack parameter to a server on different ports. In my xml I have these server specs:

  <server host="xx.xx.xx.xxx" port="8545" type="tcp"/>
  <server host="xx.xx.xx.xxx" port="8547" type="tcp"/>
  <server host="xx.xx.xx.xxx" port="8549" type="tcp"/>
  <server host="xx.xx.xx.xxx" port="8551" type="tcp"/>

I then have 4 different sessions each one has a raw request dedicated to just one server port. My problem is that every time a new client runs a session, it picks a random server from those above, creating a conflict with my requests (it may happen that a specific raw request is sent to the wrong server). Is it possible to associate a server to a session?

  • I think you need to configure your server for a sticky session for nginx check this out – Maqbool Jul 27 at 6:39

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