I have a symbol layer displaying text on a mapbox map and I am looking for a way to change the opacity of the text.

        "id": "symbols",
        "type": "symbol",
        "source": "source_circleCurrentGpsCircle",
        "layout": {
          "text-font": ["Open Sans Regular"],
          "text-field": '{title}',
          "text-size": {
            stops: [
              [0, 0],
              [22, metersToPixelsAtMaxZoom * 2]
            base: 2
        "paint": {
          "text-color": "#00FF00"

I tried a few things like the following

this.map.setPaintProperty('symbols', 'symbol-opacity', .6);

I think I just need the correct property name. Is it possible to set a class for the symbol? I could adjust the opacity easily that way.


I figured it out. It turns out to be the text-opacity property, not symbol-opacity. Seems obvious now.

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