Kind of old version of Prestashop, I know, but I need to execute an initial MySQL query on every request.

Where do I need to put the logic to be always executed? Sort of initialization point the application always executes, no matter what URL is requested.

Thanks in advance.


Finally found the solution (and smartly, I think). And I also think this approach could be applicable to other versions of Prestashop (1.5, 1.6, 1.7...).

In classes/MySQL.php file, within the connect function, I add my query just before returning $this->_link:

public function connect()
    if (!defined('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_'))
        define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false);
    if ($this->_link = mysql_connect($this->_server, $this->_user, $this->_password))
        if (!$this->set_db($this->_database))
            die('The database selection cannot be made.');
        die('Link to database cannot be established.');
    /* UTF-8 support */
    if (!mysql_query('SET NAMES \'utf8\'', $this->_link))
        die(Tools::displayError('PrestaShop Fatal error: no utf-8 support. Please check your server configuration.'));
    // removed SET GLOBAL SQL_MODE : we can't do that (see PSCFI-1548)

    /** MY QUERY IS INSERTED HERE, USING $this->_link BY THE WAY **/
    mysql_query('...', $this->_link);

    return $this->_link;

In this way, 2 advantages arise:

  1. I do not have to maintain a copy of database credentials other than Prestashop's
  2. The query is executed in every request, both shop frontoffice and backoffice user interfaces.

I hope this can help anyone.

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