In making spring redis data template, I use:

RedisTemplate<String, xxxDTO> template = new RedisTemplate<>();

Then I also set the deserializer to a custom one that white lists certain class in case of unsafe deserialization.

Fortify somehow still highlights:

new RedisTemplate<>();

as unsafe deserialization during the dynamic code evaluation, within the kingdom Input Validation and Representation.

How to make a RedisTemplate without being flagged?


I found my own answer through trial and experiment with the static code analyzer. Apparently you should re-write the implementation of RedisTemplate class and do your own implementation of jdkserializationredisserializer.

Specifically, you should override and make a deserializing converter which will be invoked in jdkserializationredisserializer class in constructor method, since it doesn't use any validation by default(it's using DeserializingConverter). Then in your deserializing converter, you implement the white-list approach that specifies what classes are expected. Make sure you unit test them too because they might have dependent classes needed to be deserialized.

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