Is it possible to create a Dump of SQL commands from a Microsoft Access database? I hope to convert this MDB file into a MySQL database for importing so I don't have to go through the CSV step.

I would expect even an MSSQL dump file to still contain workable SQL commands, but I know nothing of MSSQL, please let me know.

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You want to convert mdb to mysql (direct transfer to mysql or mysql dump)?

Try a software called Access to MySQL.

Access to MySQL is a small program that will convert Microsoft Access Databases to MySQL.

  • Wizard interface.
  • Transfer data directly from one server to another.
  • Create a dump file.
  • Select tables to transfer.
  • Select fields to transfer.
  • Transfer password protected databases.
  • Supports both shared security and user-level security.
  • Optional transfer of indexes.
  • Optional transfer of records.
  • Optional transfer of default values in field definitions.
  • Identifies and transfers auto number field types.
  • Command line interface.
  • Easy install, uninstall and upgrade.

See the aforementioned link for a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots.

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    update: the've crippled down the free version. search&replace works for smaller migrations though.. – Teson May 27 '12 at 3:00
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    It works for the new .accdb Access format by the way – golimar Oct 21 '14 at 9:26
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    If you have 64 bit OS, you will need a 32 bit ODBC driver. dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc – blackandorangecat Mar 6 '17 at 16:42
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    7+ years later, and this program is still useful (and maintained!) – Sean O Sep 18 '18 at 19:35
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    Still Helpful. Today 20-Nov-2019 Great boyyy – Uzair Qaiser Nov 20 '19 at 18:38

If you have access to a linux box with mdbtools installed, you can use this Bash shell script (save as mdbconvert.sh):


TABLES=$(mdb-tables -1 $1)


MYSQL=$(which mysql)

for t in $TABLES

mdb-schema $1 mysql | $MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB

for t in $TABLES
    mdb-export -D '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' -I mysql $1 $t | $MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB

To invoke it simply call it like this:

./mdbconvert.sh accessfile.mdb mysqldatabasename

It will import all tables and all data.

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    Thanks a million for that script. Just two hints, I guess you can remove the AWK and GREP vars and I've added the options -b strip -H to mdb-export because I had some strange OLE objects in mdb and because the headers are loaded before. I guess in some cases -b octal would work as well but I had trouble with the binary data when loading it into mysql. – white_gecko Nov 13 '14 at 20:11
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    I'm importing tables with spaces in the name, and this didn't work for me. I had to add IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b") after the shebang. – Steve Almond Nov 18 '15 at 21:44
  • Awesome! managed to export MDB to MySQL on Mac. the only thing I stumbled was Table names with spaces, but fixed by putting: $MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB -e "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `$t`" and mdb-export -D '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' -I mysql $1 "$t" | $MYSQL -u $MUSER -p$MPASS $MDB And, unfortunately, having to create an array with table names since 'for t in $TABLES' tokenizes by space. Thanks!! – Gerardo Camacho Jun 20 '18 at 17:02
  • Hi... I'm trying to get this to work with a database that has % symbols in the names. I'm new to MySQL, but it looks like those are a wildcard for string matching. Any ideas on how to escape them? \% and \\% aren't doing it for me... – cjolley Jul 3 '18 at 20:36
  • { echo ‘set autocommit=0;’; mdb-export ... ;echo ‘commit;’ } | mysql may be faster – Martin Wang Mar 22 '19 at 15:00

I modified the script by Nicolay77 to output the database to stdout (the usual way of unix scripts) so that I could output the data to text file or pipe it to any program I want. The resulting script is a bit simpler and works well.

Some examples:

./mdb_to_mysql.sh database.mdb > data.sql

./mdb_to_mysql.sh database.mdb | mysql destination-db -u user -p

Here is the modified script (save to mdb_to_mysql.sh)

TABLES=$(mdb-tables -1 $1)

for t in $TABLES
    echo "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS $t;"

mdb-schema $1 mysql

for t in $TABLES
    mdb-export -D '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S' -I mysql $1 $t

Free database tools don't export table RELATIONSHIPS, but you can use this: converting MS Access to MySQL with relationships

Works fine and export all relationships to MySQL.

enter image description here


OSX users can follow by Nicolay77 or mikkom that uses the mdbtools utility. You can install it via Homebrew. Just have your homebrew installed and then go

$ homebrew install mdbtools

Then create one of the scripts described by the guys and use it. I've used mikkom's one, converted all my mdb files into sql.

$ ./to_mysql.sh myfile.mdb > myfile.sql

(which btw contains more than 1 table)


Try the Data Wizard for MySQL. It is a tool for converting structure and data from any ADO-compatible source (e.g. MS Access) to MySQL databases. See a brief guide to connection strings to build connection string to your MS Access file.


Try the Data Transformation Services of microsoft


We've used ESF Database Convert many times for this exact purpose. DTS was usually too flakey. And the recommendations on the MySQL page were woefully out of date.

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    trial version replaces the first letter of every text field with the letter 'T'; single license is $219 – Nate Glenn Mar 21 '13 at 4:36

I've used SQLYog Ultimate to import data from mdb file, it was very easy process.

you may need to install these support tool.

MS Access Database engine

and download SQLYog Ultimate below

Pick SQLYog, you can use trial version for this


This mac tool MDB / ACCDB Viewer worked well for my needs. Free trial let me prove everything did the required, and exported half of all rows. Full version was required to get the whole db/tables exported.


I use a Mac I do this to convert;

  1. Download ACCDB MDB Explorer http://accdb-mdb-explorer.en.softonic.com/mac
  2. Open the MDB file
  3. Export as SQL
  4. Import in MySQL using MySQL Workbench.

I tried https://www.rebasedata.com/convert-mdb-to-mysql-online and it works pretty well.

Online solution without the need for registration.


If you are not too concerned with the privacy of the .mdb files you want to convert, please know that this site allowed me to recover two 15-years-old .mdb Access databases (remember the old times when ASP ruled the web?) in just two minutes : http://www.mdbopener.com/

The databases were converted in Excel files, with one sheet for each table. Just what I needed. Couldn't have been any faster to recover my (very) old data...

The IDs being kept in each table, it was as easy as anything to convert this again to mysql (after saving it to CSV format) - again, in just a few minutes.

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