I have an ASP.NET web app I'm trying to run on a local IIS, but when I do so I get a BadImageFormatException. This happens even though all my projects are set to Any CPU. Nothing is wrong with the web app configuration; it runs just fine on my other PC, but on this laptop I get the error.

  • Have you been through Troubleshooting BadImageFormatException? – Andrew Morton Jul 26 at 18:47
  • Web application bitness on IIS is controlled by application pool setting, not your project setting. – Lex Li Jul 27 at 17:16
  • @LexLi Oh, that's interesting - I don't have the laptop on me at the moment, but I bet that was it! Next time I need to use the laptop I'll check that out... – ekolis Jul 31 at 13:11

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